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Being registered with SAIPA as a Practising Professional Accountant enables our office to perform duties including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements for (Pty) Ltd’s, Close Corporations and Trusts
  • Registration as the Independent Accounting Professional to (Pty) Ltd’s
  • Registration as the Accounting Officer to Close Corporations
  • Registration as the Independent Accounting Professional to Trusts

Further, we can attend the following:

  • All bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • Detailed VAT reporting function including submission of the VAT201 return
  • Monthly management reporting to the client and recommendations
  • Payroll preparation and monthly PAYE return
  • Preparation of the books of account and Annual Financial Statements for the Sole Trader.


    I would like to discuss:

    Preparation of Annual Financial StatementsCompletion of tax returnsTax advice and tax strategyAccounting and bookkeeping functionVAT reporting functionPayroll preparation and monthly PAYE returnEMP501 Paye reconciliationCapital Gains TaxDividend TaxRegistration of new companyOther registrations (Please specify)Statutory returnsTax Compromise ApplicationBEEE certification for EME’sSecretarial servicesBusiness ValuationOther (Please specify)